We are Ross and Alessia, and we met in London through the hospitality scene back in 2011. We have always had a huge passion for travel and have experienced many amazing adventures together over the last 7 years.With the state of world politics, the fact that we have no current dependents or mortgages, and have the ability to take time away from our professions, we thought it was the perfect time to get out and see this amazing planet before its potentially too late. 

The plan was to move back to Ross’ hometown of Melbourne, Australia, so we initially started planning a trip via South America, which one day abruptly changed to this epic overland journey on two wheels (you can read about it here).

What do we know about cycle touring? Not much at all! We have lots of experience with bicycles, and love travelling, so surely it can’t be that hard to figure out!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy following us, and we promise to keep our feeds updated as much as possible with all moments, both high and low. You can get in touch with us via the below form too.

Happy Rolling!


We didn’t aim to have any sponsors for this journey, although we must thank the guys at THREE for keeping us connected throughout the world.


The number of kind people that have helped and inspired us whilst on the road has been unfathomable. We struggle to remember them all, from the supermarket lady in Bulgaria that gave us drinks as we had no local currency and our cards were declined, to the ice creams from the policemen of Serbia, to the roadside vendors offering fruit, and the countless offers of tea, food and water when simply asking for directions.
– Our first warmshowers host: Kaz – she was so kind, generous, caring and humble.
– Johannes at Rudis Radladen Bikes in Neckargemund, Germany, for the support, our touring bikes and a nice meal in his hometown.
– Vlad, from Omoljica Serbia, who offered us lunch, a beer and a great chat.
– The guys at Sofia Bike Rental for a bed and a clean of our bikes.
Liz Dodd and her great company. An hilarious friendship born on the roads of Germany, and still going strong.
– Saydeh, in Tehran, who offered us her bedroom at no charge, when running out of USD in Iran.
Lena & Stefan, Birk & Lukas, Lien & Analise, and the ever-positive Jan, for the uforgettable moments spent together on the Pamir Highway.