About us

How did we get here?

Our background

We are Ross and Alessia, and we met in London through the hospitality scene almost a decade ago. We share a huge passion for travel and, since 2011, we have experienced many amazing adventures together.

In 2016, we decided to move from London to Melbourne. Taking advantage of our newly found freedom (no home, no jobs, no kids!) we decided to explore this beautiful world on our push-bikes and live the adventure of a lifetime. And this is how we entered the magical world of CYCLE TOURING and its fantastic community, which helped us overcome all fears and struggles of the first few months on the bikes.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy following us! On our end, we promise to keep our feeds brutally honest and extremely relatable. 

Enjoy the ride and happy rolling,

Ross and Alessia


We gave ourselves 9 months to prepare, which,  in fact, turned out to be a little like getting ready to give birth!

The sheer amount of information out there is overwhelming and we found ourselves struggling to decide what tent to buy, how much clothes were enough clothes, what sort of sleeping bag we needed, etc. It just never ended. 

So, to help all the novice cycle tourer out there, we have put together a handy checklist to get you started! 

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About our route

"the great attraction of following a river from source to sea is that it is all downhill. Or so we thought.."

The people

Who made our journey

The number of kind people that have helped and inspired us whilst on the road has been unfathomable. So many little acts of kindness by total strangers have given us back the shallow faith we had in humanity. Impossible to mention them all, but these people are certainly not forgotten and keep on giving us smiles. Along with those beautiful strangers, the cycle touring community has proved to be a bit like a family away from home and a constant font of inspiration and motivation to go forward.

A few special thanks to:

Johannes at Rudis Radladen Bikes in Neckargemund, Germany, for the support, the touring bikes and a lovely meal together during our visit to his hometown.

Kat, our first Warmshower host, for her humbleness and inspiring attitude towards life.

Vlad, from Omoljica, Serbia, for cheering and supporting us on social media – so good to go and see him in is hometown in Serbia. 

Lena & Stefan, Birk & Lukas, Lien & Analise, and the ever-positive Jan, for the unforgettable moments spent together on the Pamir Highway, Tajikistan. That was truly special.

Joe and Sophie for “Keping it Rial” (little insight joke!) and having a blast of a time with us in Kep and Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Huge thanks to Liz Dodd  and her great company. An unlikely and hilarious friendship born on the roads of Germany, and continued through Central and South East Asia. Until the next craft beer together!