How we decided to cycle the world

One thing Ross and I have always passionately shared is the love for traveling. Over the years together, a loud “ADVENTURE TIME!” has probably come out of our mouths more often than “I love you” and “we need toilet paper”.

The latest journey on our bucket list was going to be an extensive tour of Latin and Central America, before finally settling down in Melbourne, Ross’ hometown.

I remember, on a particular occasion, spending the majority of my day off researching all corners of Peru, reading about the Nazca lines and Pisco Sours. As anybody that knows me could testify, any idea of travel puts me at a ridiculous level of excitement. The endorphins released hit my brain so hard that I can’t help but employ all my energy planning every detail, including my clothing outfits (pathetic, right?! And…NO I DON’T HAVE OCD). So that day was obviously one of many others spent Google-digging on said trip, aimlessly.
I am sure you can see the bombshell coming, right?

Well, without me dwelling too long on it, I am just going to say that Ross had his head on the other side of the hemisphere. Later that night when I asked him if he preferred spending more time in Arequipa rather than Puno, he flippantly answered “How about we cycle from London to Melbourne?”. I was so shocked I could not even find my lower jaw.

In the hours that followed, the sense of betrayal (yes, over a trip) left space to plant a tiny seed of excitement for something only crazy people do. A good night’s sleep and there we were, 24 hours later, with a Sharpie in hand, dreaming and planning OUR cycling route through Europe, and far beyond.

Mostly driven by the realization that this was “the” once in a lifetime opportunity, we decided to embark on the 4th of May, 2017 to go against the grain of common life, all whilst doing what we love the most.

Follow us on our journey and…

Happy Rolling!

What do you reckon?

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